Poruči Rezerviši sto


Vojvodinian restaurant "Plava Frajla" is one of the leading restaurants with national cuisine in Novi Sad and throughout the region.

Our menu includes most local cold and hot dishes, grills, charcoal grilled specialties, a la 'sach' dishes, some fresh pitta bread, somun (a type of pitta) from our in-house bakery, as well as a great variety of desserts, cakes and cookies...

Patterned table cloths, rustic details in a welcoming ambiance as well as the finest homemade dishes will remind you of an easily recognizable charm of Vojvodina, where people are used to indulging in food in the same way as their ancestors once did too.

The restaurant can seat 90 guests in the main dining room, 50 guests in the winter garden and around 90 guests in the outside garden.

There are more than 100 dishes on our menu. You can find traditional local dishes from Vojvodina, famous grills as well as fish and game specialties.

For starters we offer different types of pies, gibanica (Traditional cheese stuffed filo pastry), cheeses, as well as different salads. We offer large portions for big eaters as local people, called Lala, would prefer. We also offer small portions for young and old ladies alike, locally called Frajlica and Frajla respectively, to suite everybody's taste in a warm, welcoming gesture, as it is accustomed in Vojvodina.

Grandma's broth which is an essential lunch starter, a bite of meat from the soup which melts in one's mouth accompanied with the sweet taste of mashed potato and a fine tomato sauce.

Well known culinary specialties from this region, famous grills, give an intense note to our local cuisine. Our menu offers the best combination of those making your bites unforgettable.

You can always choose some veal tenderloin in vegetables, in a way it is prepared in Sombor, or always excellent Lala-style tripe in sauce, delicious Vojvodinian goulash, traditional satarash or roasted turkey breast in sour cream with mlinci (thin dried flatbread) from our menu.

We have proudly rounded off the spirit of our traditional local cuisine with fresh groceries from grandma's garden as well as with some homemade pitta bread which is prepared according to secrets of our restaurant chef recipes. Also we proudly present our product as the finest example of homemade fruit Rakia.

We used to divide deserts in Vojvodina into a big cake and a small cookie (or locally known as buhtla), a wedding cake, a breaded plate pastry, strudel stuffed with poppy seeds, walnuts or cheese. You can choose all these traditional Vojvodinian desserts from our menu. They are prepared in a well preserved traditional way as our grandmas used to do. For those with a sweet tooth we suggest a fine blueberry pie topped with a scoop of ice-cream instead of cream while for those guests that rather choose classic desserts, we suggest traditional walnut cookies of fine poppy seed noodles.

We are open every working day from early in the morning until late in the evening. At weekends accompanied with the sweet sound of Vojvodinian tamburitza music we work until late at night.